Victron Venture Sdn Bhd manufactures the list of items as stipulated in the categories below according to customer's needs and requirements. We are the solution to your satisfaction and fulfilment.
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Fluid Mechanics

No Description
1 Hydrulic Bench
  Hydrulic Bench Accessories
1 Hydrostatics Pressure Test Kit
2 Osborn Reynold' Number Apparatus
3 Bernoulli's Theorem Apparatus
4 Orifice and Jet Trajectory Apparatus
5 Flow Over A Notch Weir Apparatus
6 Bernoulli's Theorem Apparatus
7 Metacentric height apparatus
8 Free And Force Vortex
9 Flow Throught an Orifice
10 Pipe Bend and fitting friction
11 Mini flow channel
12 Teaching Flume
  Flow Study And Measurement
1 Friction loss in pipe,valve and fitting
2 Fluid Friction Apparatus
3 Hydrodynamic Trainer
4 Centifugal Pump Test Rig
5 Mini Centifugal Pump Test Rig
6 Flow Visualization Table
7 Hydrogen Bubble
8 Axial Flow Fan Test Set
9 Wind tunnel
10 Compressible Flow And Multistage Compressor Bench
11 Teaching Flume 2.5 meter
12 Teaching Flume 5 meter
13 Teaching Flume 10 meter
14 Teaching Flume At any size
15 Water Hammer Test set
16 Sediment Tranports Apparatus
17 Dead Weight Presure Gauge Apparatus
18 Turbine Flow Meter
19 Cup anemometer
20 Basic Hydrology System
21 Drainage and Seepage Tank
22 Pelton Turbine
24 Compact Francis Turbine c/w software
25 Compact Francis Turbine
26 Flow Meter Demostration Apparatus
27 Pipe Network apparatus
28 Ground Water Apparatus

Material Science

No Description
1 Rotational Apparatus
2 Universal Mechanism
3 Potential And Kinetic Energy Kit
4 Flywheel Apparatus
5 Linear Motion Apparatus
6 Free And Fall apparatus
7 Drum Brake Friction Apparatus
8 Static And Dynamic Balacing Apparatus
9 Gear Efficiency Apparatus
10 Clutch Plate Friction
11 Gyroscope
12 Belt Friction Apparatus
13 Centifugal Force apparatus
14 Deflection Of Beans And Cantilevers
15 Struts Apparatus
16 Portable Frame Apparatus
17 Continuous Beam Apparatus
18 Moment Distribution Apparatus
19 Column Buckling Apparatus

Electrical Engineering

No Description
1 Power Electronics Training Kit
2 Electrical Machine Trainer
3 Motor Control Trainer
4 AC Motor Control by Inverter Trainer
5 DC Series Motor Trainer
6 DC Shunt Motor Trainer
7 Three Phase Motor Trainer
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